We are resolved to keep our public lands in public hands. Grand Teton National Park. Image: Matt Dirksen/NWF

On This We Agree

Resolved to Keep it Public

The Show of Bipartisan Support Makes it Clear: We Are Resolved to Keep it Public

Our public lands offer something for everyone. Image: Matt Dirksen/NWF
Our system of public lands began with wildlife: a key factor in the establishment of Yellowstone National Park — our first national park — was to preserve the dwindling bison herds. Image: Matt Dirksen/NWF
Devils Tower National Monument, also known as Bear Lodge or Mato Tipila to some of the Northern Plains Tribes that hold it sacred. Image: Anna Kramer/NWF

Join us and tell your members of Congress you are resolved to keep public lands in public hands for the benefit of all Americans.

The National Wildlife Federation is dedicated to protecting our public lands for wildlife and for future generations. Join us in opposing attacks on our public lands: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more.



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National Wildlife Federation — Our Public Lands

The National Wildlife Federation public lands program advocates for our public lands and waters, wildlife and the right of every American to enjoy them.